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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Club

I swear every day Tom says something that makes me smile. Not a haha smile, but a smile of the heart.

We were walking along the beach today and we started talking about the beach club. I was at recent beach beautification meeting and someone said non beach club members shouldn't be on the beach. Well, both Tom and I agree...that's awful. And we don't agree with the club's thoughts.

We were talking about belonging, and how beach clubs sometimes provoke a feeling of superiority. In our area, that's plain ridiculous. It's not that type of town. And that is why we live here.

Well anyways, in the mist of the conversation, Tom says to me...the only club that I want to be involved in is my club... It consists of four people, me, you, Charlie and Taco. Enter smile of the heart.

I love this man so much that sometimes, I don't know whether to giggle or cry. He is so sweet, sincere, silly, sassy, snazzy, sexy and savy. And his club would never tell people to back off just because they didn't pay a fee.

This is one membership that I could not live without.

Here are some photos from the VJ club, taken today.

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