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Monday, July 28, 2008

A Happy Guy

This past weekend, Tom played a gig for a block party.

I've never seen his face so bright or his smile so big. Playing his drums in the fresh air, surrounded by his friends and a very cute girl(hehehehe) looks good on him.

I love that he is a drummer. His passion, fuels my passion. I want to be more like him. He's incredibly talented, but he is also so smart about it. He isn't all goofy rock star. He is all sophisticated musician. And watching him play his drums, his keyboard or writing his music...brings me pure joy.

So, his happy is my happy.

And I'll be this guy's roadie any day and every day.

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cindy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought I'd return the favor. :-)
What a beautiful blog you have. I love the way it looks. You are a very good photographer. Eye-catching! And the music made me smile. Birds - great song!
Enjoyed your blog very much.