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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Love This Shop!

Today I received the most fabulous insulator in the mail. I say insulator like it's a term I'm so familiar with but I wasn't. Until now. I only recently discovered them because of Merry, the owner of

I went into Merry's shop because her vintage goodies drew me in. It's then when I first spotted an insulator. Now, I must admit, I love blue glass and that is the main reason I asked her about it. But now, even more than the color, I love the history.

Merry sent me the best link,
It goes into the history of insulators in great detail. It's a fabulous link so when you have a moment, take a peek.

Merry uses these for garden decor. I think I may also.

I love my insulator. Even my boyfriend, Tom, who isn't a nick nack kind of guy, thinks it's awesome.

And Merry is truly a lovely, lovely woman. Along with my insulator came some fabulous beads and the most beautiful postcard. And she was a delight to convo with. She is so fun!

If your like me and you like the unique, the different and the interesting types of lovelies you can't find everywhere, you will love

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