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Monday, July 21, 2008

He..Me...Same thing.

Last week was our 3 year anniversary. It's so weird because it feels like just yesterday, yet it feels like forever.

I am incredibly grateful for every moment of the past three years. I wouldn't change a thing about even one moment.

We sometimes laugh at our old if we have lived a lifetime together. I like that about us. We are like older people sitting on the porch, telling remember when stories...already. I'm not sure why we are that way. Maybe it's because we have good stories. Or maybe it's just because we are both so grateful for time. Or is it because we are just so grateful for each other?

And I won't take a moment for granted. Not one. Because I know just how lucky I am.

I've learned a lifetime of lessons from Tom, in just three years.

Like how important is to be in the moment.
To pay my bills before I food shop. There is always mac and cheese.
If you have less "stuff", you have more time.
That even if you disagree, you should disagree with respect for each other.
That as long as you are a good person, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks of you.
That having structure in your life, can actually make it more exciting.
That it's good to be picky.
You don't have to smile on that outside, if your not smiling on the inside.
That I'm enough.

I could go on.

But, I also want to mention how he is not just my guy, he is truly the best friend I've ever know.

Everyday, I come home from work with stories that are important to me, but really aren't that important. I mean does he really care about what so and so said about my headband? Well, actually he does.

Or how about when I'm mad at myself, or sad with myself and he says to I'm sad. And he really is.

Or when I cry, sometimes for no apparent reason...or sometimes for a reason and he never, ever says stop crying. He let's me cry.

Or when on Monday I'm going to be a dog groomer, Tuesday a landscape designer and on Thursday I'm going to write a book....he just smiles and says, will you be happy doing that?

Or when my hair is sticking up like a rooster and I have no makeup on, he know, your a natural beauty. That's hard to come by these days. He could be saying, girl that hairdo when out in the 80's, and are your pajamas a tattoo? But he never does...He stares at my "natural beauty"...and I really thinks he sees something there.

I just feel so damn lucky.

What got me thinking about this was something I remembered tonight, while cooking dinner. He has to meet a buddy tomorrow night, to discuss a band that might get back together. And I assumed, he would just go after work.

Instead, he turns around and says...hey, don't forget Tues night, we have to meet Steve. I said, we? And he said, well, yeah. It's a night out for us right?

And then there was two days ago, when he said his friend wanted him to play a gig at a block party on Saturday. I thought, that's cool. And started thinking about what I was going to do on Saturday. That's when he said, it won't be too long, we will be home early. I said, we? He said, well of course. I want you to come.

After 3 years, you would think I would be used to being part of a team, but still it surprises me.

I am still amazed that when he says he, he also means me.

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