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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beading Like a Crazy Chick...even with an eye pimple...

I've been beading like a mad woman. For the past three nights I have done nothing but bead away. It makes me feel good. Like I'm doing something. Mentally and physically. It's comforting.

I have a stye on my eye. It is so annoying. I did a little research on the internet and they say it's caused by stress or poor nutrition.

Well, I can tell you I have been crazy stressed lately. I have so much on my mind I was having heart palputations last week. My brain has just been on overtime. Even my dreams have been stressful.

Poor nutrition, well, I try to eat ok. I mean I have my cereal, my fruit, my tea. No meat and I try to be careful on fat intake. Ok, so I drink to much coffee and eat too much chocolate. C'mon a girl has to have some type of vice, right?

I'm gonna post a pic of Tom and Taco from Sunday. We went on a beautiful walk and strolled past the beach and talked to neighbors. It was really nice. I came home and ate a bowl of cherries. I am so grateful for those moments.

See that there are non stressful moments and fruit....I shouldn't have a stye!

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