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Monday, August 4, 2008

Today I Hate Cancer Even More Than Usual

Today I hate Cancer Even More Than I usually do. I don't hate many things, but cancer, I hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

My Aunt Angie, has been been in a battle with the big "C" for over 10 years. And this didn't happen for a reason. And she doesn't want to think positive. She has the right to be angry and pissed off. Just when she feels good, it comes back for a visit.

Enough already. Go the fu*& away, cancer. You wicked, cowardly creep. No one here likes you. Your unwanted. Don't bother calling before your come, you'll just get hung up on. I don't care if you wipe your feet before you enter our precious lives...YOU ARE NOT STAYING HERE. Don't sit down. We don't have time to socialize with you. We are busy living, loving, and breathing. And you have no right to interfere with that. You are not GOD, Cancer.

Today, I am angry at cancer. I don't want to hear about the statistics or the chances or what I should eat or what I shouldn't breath in. I want to know why it picks on certain people. I want to know why it chose us.

I don't want to hear the medical crap. I want someone to talk to me, like a real live person with feelings. And explain ...why us? I want them to tell me how you are supposed to go through life pretending like it's ok. That we are not angry. That we are living life to the fullest. I'm sorry, but you can't live life to the fullest, when your scared shi*less of a blood test.

Today I hate Cancer even more than usual. And usually, I hate it something terrible.

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airing out said...

I hate it too.

Fuck you cancer and fuck you to the blood tests that scare us to death.

hugs to your and your aunt.