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Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Joan

Today is Tom's Mom's Birthday.

She gave me this cactus, the Christmas I met her. Ironically, I'm not good with house plants..but I am with this one. It's been three years.

Funny thing is, that Christmas day was the first time I met her. She had gifts for me waiting under the tree. Me, a girl she had never met.

I remember thinking, when is this boy going to bring me home to meet his family. To be honest, I thought it was weird. I thought, either I'm going to be scary to them, or they are going to be scary to me...that has to be the reason he has never had us meet. It had been a few months.

Well, no one was scary.

He was just one of those guys that didn't take every girl home. Just the really good ones...;)

I didn't have much time with Joan as she passed away less than a year later(fu*&ing cancer). But the time I did have, well...I treasure every moment. I have those memories stored in my head and I keep them she stays with me.

Joan, I use the saying you can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit every chance I get. And I tease Tom and say, don't aggravate that dog. I say it to be funny, but it's actually really special. Those were the last words I remember hearing you say.

I wish you were here.

Know, that your boy loves you with all his heart and soul. And so does his girl...very much.

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