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Saturday, October 11, 2008

"The meat was later chucked in a recycle bin, he said."

What the f(*k is wrong with this world???

Check out this story...,0,315981.story

A homeless man was arrested on Wednesday for shoplifting two raw steaks from a King Kullen in Hampton Bays.

And then the steaks were put in the recycle bin.

Again, What the f*&* is wrong with this world???

Of course stealing isn't right. I am not justifying that in the least bit. But, the man is hungry. And how desperate he must have been to have stolen food. And how cruel is King Kullen to have him arrested and then throw the food out? Doesn't that show us how disgusting our corporate world is?

Stealing is wrong.
Being hungry is being human.

Where does a homeless man go when he is hungry?

The government would say go to a shelter.
-I would say, that is probably scarier then not eating.

Can he hunt? Of course not. He'd get arrested for that too. The first time someone saw a homeless man with a gun, they would call cops. Only people who have money can hunt. Let's face it, hunting is done for sport, not for survival.

So, where again does a homeless man go when he is hungry? Should he eat vegetation off the side of the road? What vegetation? We are building so many dollar stores and nail salons that there is no room for agriculture to grow.

Oh, I know... public assistance. And how does someone who has no money for food get to Social Services to fill out the forms? And what type of hassle do they get before they get to eat?

So, where again does a homeless man go when he is hungry?

Well, my guess is... he just goes hungry.

King Kullen... cruel. You would rather throw the food out than see a man eat. It wasn't like he stole beer or cigarettes. He was hungry.

No one should be so hungry that they have to steal food. No one. And let's remember we are all one step away from being homeless. One step away. Take away a job, or a house, or a loved one, or our health. We are all one step away.

Instead of arresting people, shouldn't we figuring out a way to help feed them?

"The meat was later chucked in a recycle bin, he said." If you ask me that's the crime Newsday should have been reporting on.

By the way, I took this picture at a Long Island apple orchard last week. I can't believe this fruit is left to rot on the ground rather than being given to those who need nurishment.

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