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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wish or Regret?

Towards the end of my day today, I made a wish. I made a wish for someone else. But it was also a wish that would directly effect my life.

Now, the wish I made for someone else, was actually a wish.

But, out of nowhere came this thought...... I wish I would have called him back. Bill. Why didn't I call him back?

Bill was my friend who past away almost two years ago. I live with so much guilt because a few weeks before he passed away, he called me. And I never called him back.

I was busy. I was going to do it. I meant to. But, it never happened.

How was I supposed to know. He is was only 44. He wasn't dying. He wasn't even sick.

And although I wish I called him back, I can't. That wish will not come true.

Why? Because it's not a wish. It's a regret.

This piece was inspired by these thoughts.

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