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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ow..It's raining

Yes, ow.

Whenever it's about to rain, or rains...or its damp out..or its humid, my collar bone hurts.

I can tell the weather by my bones now.

I swear though, I don't have to worry about getting mugged or robbed. I would just have to flash the bad guy my collar bone and he'd run away in disgust. So, I guess something good did come of this!

I broke it twice, the same bone. And as it's healed, it's healed with a point. I told Tom, I'm going to start hanging jewelry off of it. :)

It's amazing what a little trip off the steps can do to you.

This morning, as I was locking the door with 10 things in my hands, I had a flash back of that day.

It's a bizaar feeling to be out of control of your body. Your brain wants your body to move, but it won't listen. You feel so vulnerable and weak. So scared.

I know I should feel grateful for hurting when it rains. It's a reminder to myself that I shouldn't take my body for granted.

Even though if ain't so pretty.

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