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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yeah for the Library!

It's library day. Yay.

We couldn't go Friday night, so we will go today. It's our weekly date.

It's funny, because we really don't go "out" much. No fancy dinners. No nights at a fancy club. But, we do go to the library.

And it's funny, because I think the library is our equivalent to "going out". There is the drive there. The drive back. The wandering around the library. The looking at what each other got when we get home.

There is communication. Excitement(i know that's weird). Sharing.

Not to mention, we are getting smarter. Learning new things. Finding new hobbies.
Therefore, making ourselves more interesting to each other. And I think that is extremely important.

The library gets our brains growing. Our dreams growing. Our relationship growing.

And while I know it's not for everybody, I think that there must be something like the library in every relationship. Maybe it's a weekly trip to Starbucks. Or a weekly breakfast at the diner. Something that you both do together, that you both enjoy, and something that let's you leave the world behind and just be the couple that you are.

It's funny, when I first suggested getting library cards, Tom was dah geez. But all it took was one trip and he was hooked. Now, I think he enjoys it sometimes more than I do.

The girls at work tease me sometimes. They'll say, oh, it's Friday. Library night right? And they will giggle. But, often they will also say, we think it's sweet and special.

And it is.

Don't get me wrong. I don't know if the people at the library think it's so special. I think they are a little annoyed at me sometimes. I take out too many books. And order books from other libraries. But that's ok. I just smile and say thank you. And Tom, shakes his head a little(again sharing a moment, and communicating ;)).

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island sunshyne said...

Oh wow, we really do share so many common threads! :) I think I annoy the peeps at my library because I am always ordering books from other libraries - and from other islands! It takes forever, but it is FREE - how can I resist?!

I love that you and your sweetie make this trip together...such a wonderful little excursion. It's the little things, isn't it? :)