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Friday, January 9, 2009

Fixed The Itch

No, we didn't get the doggie.

I actually went with Debbie and her Mom to the foster home, to pick up Debbie's new Kitty.

It's amazing...all the animals have stories. One was left, because the owner passed away. His wife couldn't take care of the dog. So she brought it there.

Another cat, had irritable bowel. Was dropped off by an owner. Once in foster care, his condition was fixed with a proper diet.

Debbie's kitty, was a stray found in the city. A gorgeous siamese, it had been found on the street. Most likely it had been owned by someone at some point.

I wanted to take everyone home but, for now I think it's best, that I give all my love to the boys that need me at home.

Charlie is so sensitive. Easily stressed by rain, thunder or a breeze.

Taco will be twelve this year. I see the age in his face. He is almost completely deaf and some days I am in the house for 10 mins before I walk in the bedroom and wake him up.

The four of us have our routines. Our relationships with one another. Like we are our own pack. And, I really love it the way it. It's too scary to risk changing it.

Chaos, is now scary.

And I am very different.

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