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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today The World Seems Cruel

Today, the world seems cruel.

My day was shitty yesterday.

Today, I just got an email that made me feel sick.

I try to look for the best in the world...but right at this moment, I'm having a hard time.

I probably shouldn't be blogging because I really want to keep my blog a happy place. But the truth is, not everything is sunshine and butterflies. And I'd be lying if I pretended it was.

I hate that good people get sick.
I hate that boys make girls cry more than girls make boys cry.
I hate that people are selfish.

Why is this universe so good but so bad?

Why can't things be mostly good w/touches of exceptional?
Why bad? Why? Why? Why?

Ok, it's time for me to breathe. Re-evaluate. Figure out my next move in making this world better instead of being a person who brings the world down.

Thanks for listening, Blogland.

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