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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Time for a Mocha

There is not going to be a service for Aunt Angie, as that is what she requested. So, saying goodbye is even that much harder, because there is no physical connection between us. But, I totally understand her wishes, as that is the way I'd want it to.

Mom and I were kind of lost yesterday, she went to work because she didn't know what else to do. I stayed home, because I just couldn't face work.

After work, Mom came over and we talked about our Angelina. Then we walked to the beach. And then went out to get mochas.

Mochas were Aunt Angie's favorite drink. And one of mine. Whenever she came here, or we went there, a mocha was on the list of things to do. There was nothing better then coffee and stories with my Aunt Angie.

So, Mom and I drank our mochas, with a bittersweet toast to Aunt Angie. It was a combination of heartbreak and love in one tap of our plastic cups.

I hope Aunt Angie was sitting there with us.

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