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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Farrah's Story

Did you watch Farrah's Story last night? What did you think?

Lot's of people get cancer, people might say. Why does her story stand out? I say, because as much as alot of people get cancer, if it's not you or your someone you love, you don't see cancer.

Cancer is evil. It is persistent. It makes you sicker then sick, takes away your pride, degrades you and steals from you. You can hear statistics, you can watch a movie on tv, but you can't understand...unless you see it. Or live it.

I say thank you Farrah for showing the world how ugly cancer is. And for showing us the damage cancer can do is universal. Deep down I believe, we are all in this together.

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suziart said...

Jenn, I watched the show. I had just had a phone call from a best friend whose Dad is losing his battle to lung cancer and only was given a few months at best. So, while I am watching Farrah's story unfold, I think of them, of my Mom who had the same anal cancer and also double breast cancer a few years later, after her sister had just died from it. My mom's life is a daily struggle, but she is still here. No one can even begin to realize what she goes through on a daily basis.

People asked me why I would watch such a depressing story (that made me cry) and I say, it is life, it happens. And for all those people out there who have or are going through this and their loved ones, it is a them, their courage, and strength. And to never take our lives lightly.