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Sunday, May 24, 2009

For a Weekend I was in a Band

Ok, well not really. I was with a band. Followed the band. Photographed the band. And slept in the same house as the band. That has to count for something, right?

Tom, Taco and I, went to Amagansett this weekend and stayed with two other members of UZ3, in a house on the water. It was beautiful to be surrounded by the ocean and fun bunch of guys. I really to got to see what being a roadie, to some degree, is like.

Taco was with us from packing up the gear, to venturing home and he was the star of the house. Hoping from bed to bed, eating treats from the barbeque and lounging under the sun, kept him smiling the whole weekend.

I have lots to write, but for are some pictures of Taco, loving life.

It's funny, our little man won over the hearts of the the rockers. He is such a happy, little bundle of life. I love this doggie.

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