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Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's Funny

It's funny how life works sometimes.

My father was in a wedding band when we were growing up. He was the drummer and many of weekends, he would have a "band job" and make some extra money of us.

This weekend, I went with Tom on a "band job", as he is a drummer in an original band, UZ3. As we were bringing in the drum stands, I felt a little nostalgic. And that is when it hit me, in a way I've been following around a man in a band my whole life.

I did this same thing 30 years ago....with my father. As a little girl, I always felt so proud when I watched my father play. He was happiest when he played those drums and always seemed to carry a special aura with him to the gig and back.

Tom couldn't be more different then my father. Personality, style, looks and soul, they are very, very different. But, I see that same happy aura in Tom, that I saw in my father as a little girl.

I'd swear the beat you hear coming from the drum set, isn't the result of a stick hitting a drum skin. It's sound of the drummer's heart, dancing to the beat of his life.

This is me, when I was I was little and me, this weekend...

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Lisa said...

funny how the wheel turn and the cycles continue