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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Somebody's Favorite

I'm feeling a little worn down tonite. Drained. Tired.

I was over my Mom's, doing packing when I came across a bunch of pictures. When I got divorced, I left my pictures behind. When I lost my Aunt Angie, I was thinking about those pictures. Seeing my Mom's pictures of our family, made my heart smile.

So much has changed. So many people are gone. The people we once were, seem nothing like who we are today. In fact, I don't recognize the girl called Jenn in those pictures.

It's pretty amazing when you look at your life in pictures. Pictures bring you back, yet they make you re-evaluate your now. You can see where you been, but it also makes you wonder about where you going.

Seeing photos of my Aunt made me happy and sad. Sad, because I miss her, heart and soul. But happy, because I still have something tangiable of her.

At some point in my life, I was someone's favorite niece. And I miss that part of me.

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