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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Table

So, I got my Mom's table done this weekend.

Let me tell you about the table. I bought the table about 6 years ago when I worked in a flower shop. My boss, Bill, gave it to me for wholesale and I was thrilled. Whenever I look at the table, I think of Bill. Bill passed on since then, so the table is extra special. And it gets more special in time.

The chairs, they rotted. So, Tom and I went to a junk store and got two metal chairs and repainted them. And the table has been going strong.

It was white.
Then black.
Then yellow.
Then black again.
And now..paprika!!!

I was excited to give this table to my Mom. We don't really use it, and she had the perfect spot for it. So, it was a great match.

I was really happy with the way it came out and I think she was too.

My boys, of course, helped out. See them watching me work in their "play pen"?

So, enjoy your new home table! I know my Mom will sit with you and drink coffee and make special memories there(with me of course). Hmmmm. That makes me think...I think she should have me over for good coffee and pastries. I mean shouldn't we try it out???

ps..the black is the before, orange is the after.

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