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Monday, November 30, 2009

I Don't Think So.

I recently saw a post that said, the past is just the past get over it.

To that I say, those words come from a place of ignorance and insecurity. Because no one can leave the past behind...100 percent. You always take a part of it with you. It becomes part of you.

And I don't mean this as a negative thing. For instance, if you get sick, you take better care of yourself. If you a in a relationship that is totally wrong for you, you learn what is totally right for you. It's a normal, healthy process.

Some of the past is crap. Some of it is really good. So, we learn from the crap and make memories of the really good stuff.

The past is never just the past. It made you who you are today.

There are parts of my past that are downright shi&. I choose not to celebrate those parts, but to try to get something out of them. I mean, don't get me wrong, some parts are a curse word short of Jerry Springer episode, and those parts don't deserve to travel through life with me. But, some parts, even the really shi&ty parts, are worthwhile to look into. Just so I know which road not to take next time.

I bet the person who said, the past is just the past, let it go...also believes in the phrase, ignorance is bliss.

I say, good luck with that. If you go through your life thinking what you don't know won't hurt and what you do know, but don't like, should be forgotten, your lying to yourself.

And you can only lie to yourself for so long. Eventually, it will catch up with you. Just like the past you ignore.

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