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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bastard cancer

Everytime I go to Dr. Pearl, I'm reminded of how vulnerable I am.
How what he says could change everything.

It doesn't matter that 13 years have gone by. It's always there. I know it's always there. The Cancer. Waiting for it's chance to come back in and take over.

I don't listen to the science end of cancer anymore. I look at it as an entity all of itself. Sort of like the devil.

When I escape another year of re-occurance, I think to myself, thank you cancer, for leaving me alone this year. But, as soon as I schedule my next appointment, I'm back to remembering how quickly it could change it's mind.

And losing my Aunt this year, only confirmed my feelings.

Cancer, you ain't nothing but a Bastard. With a capital B.

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