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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Love This Woman

I love my Mother.

She is the most fabulous, fantastic, loving mother a girl could have. I can't imagine anyone as perfect.

She didn't know that before she came over today, I had been having a tough morning. I mean I'm sure she knew I was nervous about going to the doctor, but I don't think she knew I was sad. Sad was part of the scared.

And in she walks, wearing this peacock mask. The woman does not like feathers, or birds. Or anything bird related. So, I'm not sure what made me laugh more...the mask or the fact that she actually had feathers touching her.

As soon as I saw her, I felt instantly better. She talked about what we would do after the doctor's appt. And about things non doctor related. And for a while, I let my fear go.

Of course, once I got there I was a nervous wreck....but she made the hours before the doctor a million times better.

My Mom gives me the strength to fly. But, today, she wore the feathers.

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