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Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Test Down

Tom had another test today. A Echo Stress test.

So far, so good. My poor guy. He's been through more tests in the past 3 weeks then he has in his whole life!

We were laughing last night, at my Mom's. Laughing because she picked a bad movie. Smiling because she packed him lunch leftovers for today. Teary, because yesterday she wrote, I have a great son-in-law, on Facebook. Tom's never been a son-in-law before, and at 46...he appreciates the gift of a good MIL like my Mom. I get pure joy out of watching them together.

He picked her Christmas gift. He asks me every day, how is Blue Car doing(mom)? He'll say things like, your Mom would be so happy if we got that.

In tough times, In good times, anytime.....having a family member who loves you to
pieces, unconditionally, makes life even sweeter.

Thank you Mom, for treating him like a son. He appreciates it more than you can even see.


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