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Friday, February 12, 2010

Yeah For Friday! And For The Boy in the Band!

Oh, Friday, how I love you.

It's 5:30, and I'm already settled in for the night. I just made some coffee. Let the dog out. And now I'll do some dishes.

Tom is getting us pizza. And then it's pj's and Netflix. Oh, and some of those red velvet cupcakes my Mom bought yesterday.

Tom has a gig this weekend and I can't wait. His band, UZ3, will play mostly covers and some originals. I love to watch him sing and drum. It's so funny because when he is on stage, he is a totally different person. I don't know whether to smile with pride, or giggle because he is so cute.

I'll always remember the first time I saw him play out. It was February of 2006. My friend Patty and I went out to the Hamptons to see them. I remember wondering what his drums would look like, what he would wear and wondering if he would seek me out or just smile.

As soon as we walked in, he was right there. So eager to meet Patty and so excited to see me. I got to meet some of his "rocker" friends and I was amazed at how sweet they were. They were all some warm and welcoming and I instantly felt at ease.

I remember sitting there, next to Patty, on a bar stool, smiling. When I first met Tom, I was giddy with excitement and like a young teenager in love(even though I was over 30), I imagined myself going to his gigs. So sitting there, in real life, was surreal.

I remember thinking to myself, this is the first time I had a dream come true. That something I had really, really wished for, happened. It was magical, but also very real.

He was just so freakin' cool. So laid back, but not in the I don't care way. It was in the, I'll keep you calm way.

He was so damn confident. Not in the I'm better than you way, but in the I like myself way.

And so darn cute! Hazel eyes, a warm smile, and a walk that said, I know where I'm going.

I left that gig feeling so young. So full of life. So vibrant. Not just because he was cool, confident and cute. But also because he saw the same in me.

I didn't just "spectate". I wasn't the girl that came along for the ride or the girl that sat on the bleechers. He included me in that gig. After every set he came over and talked to us. He asked me what I wanted to drink. He winked at me when he was playing. He was excited to see me. He thanked us for coming.

He wanted me there.

And he still does.

It's never, I have a gig, it's always we have a gig. He never says, are you coming? It's assumed we are going. He never says, Jenn, I'll meet you there. It's assumed I'll go with the band to set up. And these assumptions always make me smile.

I feel lucky to be married to the Boy in the Band. And 5 years later, I still feel giddy with excitement for his gigs.


suziart said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Girl!!!
Xo! SuZi

Trishia said...

Great read! Finding the right person later in life sure is sweet, isn't it?!