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Friday, March 5, 2010

I Love Us

I totally love us in this photo. Me, My Mom, Aunt Angie and Nanny.

It must have been around the year 2000. We had a slumber party and my apartment. Wearing crazy pj's and disguises, we ate snacks and watched movies until late in the night.

I love that night.

We woke up and ordered breakfast from the deli. Egg sandwiches. My Aunt said you can't get good egg sandwiches in California. It's not the same as NY.

I love that memory.

I love that when you look at a photograph, it helps you remember things you don't even know you remember.

I wish I had more photographs of us.

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Anonymous said...

Memories are great when they are good ones! and photos take us right back to that moment! that's why i love art journaling, I draw out what i experience and write about it that when I revisit the page, I'm right back there in my mind....

it's a great photo and looks like a fun memory!!!thanks for sharing that!

ciao and have a good weekend...

still lovin' the dog!