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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Worn Out Shoes are a Good Thing.

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Tom and I didn't go far for a honeymoon. We stayed in Woodstock, where we got married. But , with that decision came a promise. One day, we will go to Paris.

And I know we will. I don't know when, but one day. And so often, the hopes of one day get me through today.

We talk about it all the time. What will do. What we will see. What we will buy. What we will eat. Today, I had to smile when he sent me this email re:Paris.

(tom's email)

I think we should go to Paris for like a week and not sleep all.
We’ll just stay awake all day and take everything in.
3000 photographs.
50 cups of coffee.
12 pounds of cheese.
7 bottles of Beaujolai.
8 pounds of bread.
4 pairs of worn out shoes.

I smiled at "4 pairs of worn out shoes". And I ask you, what could really be better than "4 pairs of worn out shoes".

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Trishia said...

My sweetie and I have talked about a trip to Paris for 6+ years. Finally thought it was going to happen this spring. Now, his work schedule, a job opportunity not to be missed and a real estate issue seem to be pushing our plans into a fall adventure. Part of me gets a bit anxious over the delay, but the other part says that when it all comes together -- and it will -- that it will be perfect:)