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Thursday, April 29, 2010


She's back. Can you believe it? Little brown bean is back. pHoEbE is back! I can't believe it! It's soooo crazy!!!!

Long story...made short. We used a have a heart trap. And she went in! As you can see, she got in a fight with something. She needed an overnighter at the vet, but she's ok! She's coming home tonite and I could not be happier. COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.

Tom and I have been talking about this situation all week. And we realized that the whole time we've had her, we have been so focused on the fact that she wasn't loving us, we weren't focusing on the fact that we loved her so much. So much. And, in this relationship, we have realized that although we will not see affection from this little furball, we will will feel affection for her. And feeling affection, in this situation, is bigger than getting it.

We are so so so so so happy.


Sarah said...

I am SOOOOOO happy for you!!

Trishia said...

So glad your Phoebe is back. It may take many years, but she may learn to love and trust....