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Friday, July 30, 2010

Attn: Suffolk County Residents

Did you know, the same toxic chemical that our County uses to spray to kill mosquitos, can kill us? Did you know, that they give us no notification of when they spray our home with this lethal cloud of killer spray?

Tell them no. Tell them you don't want them to spray this within 150 fit of your home by filling out this form....

It won't stop the spraying, and the registry is based on the good faith of the truck driver(how can you trust that when they are given direction by the county?). But, it will least let the county know, we say NO!

Last night we were outside when our home was showered by this truck load of toxins. Never notified, we were taken by suprise. They just decided to shower our home with chemicals without tellings us. It is practically criminal. A truck spraying toxic chemicals, on our front lawn, giving us no choice and no warning? How can this be ok???? It's not!!!!

I'd rather take my chances with nature, then allow our County to force chemicals down my throat. What gives them the right to shower our homes without asking permission?


They don't have the right!

Please fill this form out and send it in, Today. For your sake, for your children's sake, for your neighbors sake. Take a stand. Sign the no spray registry.

Q. What are the human health effects of Resmethrin?

A. Public health is seriously threatened by Scourge. The label of Scourge warns that inhalation is the greatest hazard for humans. "AVOID BREATHING, VAPOR OR SPRAY MIST." Unpublished data by the manufacturer reveal that Resmethrin is cancer-causing, with specific risk of liver and thyroid cancers. Unless homes are air-tight and windows are closed at the time of spraying, all residents living in the vicinity of Scourge applications are at risk from inhalation.

Q. What about my children? Are they more vulnerable to Scourge?

A. Children have more skin surface for their body weight and breathe more rapidly than adults do. For this reason, they are likely to have higher exposures to these chemicals than adults. Recent research has shown that this increased exposure can not only raise their risk of cancer and other chronic disease, but can place them at risk for neurological and behavioral problems during this important phase in mental development. Some have even suggested links between Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder and exposure to pesticides.

The elderly, and those with health problems are also particularly vulnerable to the effects of Scourge and other toxic chemicals. When immune system functioning is low, toxics can have more dramatic .

How can you not, say no?????????

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