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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flower Shop Girl

Somedays, I really miss being a flower shop girl. I loved my job. The smell of the flowers. The creativity it allowed. The unpredictable day. The people. The stories. The little cards, that go in little envelopes that might just change someones life.

It's seem like sort of an ordinary job, but it's not. It's really hard work. It's not for everyone. But if it's for you, it will change you forever. Like it did me.

(me and my friend Melissa from the flower shop in 2006)

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angie on maui said...

I imagine it must be fun to be a flower shop girl (albeit hard work), surrounded by so much beauty and sending it out to others. Flowers make me happy! Cute photo of you, btw.

Unrelated, I'm following you on your home blog now (if I did it correctly - it isn't showing up that I'm following...?)! And now I'm off to check out your photo site...

Have a lovely weekend!