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Friday, October 8, 2010

Thelma Lou

Meet my niece, Thelma Lou. The cutest bearded dragon...ever.

A few months back, I reconnected with a old friend, through Facebook, and we have been having little adventures together ever since. I go back and fourth on whether FB is good, or bad for me. And my friend Theresa, is a vote for good.

We've started taking a pottery class at the college I work at. We have dinner together. She's come to see Tom play. It's been so much fun. We are even using the contractor she used on her house, to redo ours. I am so grateful to have found Theresa again.

Last Sunday, Tom, My Mom, Kenny and I all went to Theresa and Donny's for dinner. We had an awesome time and I got to spend time with my niece, Thelmy. I'm pretty crazy about Thelmy too!

Funny how the internet works. Sometimes, it leads you to good things in "real life". This is one of those times.

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