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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh, Phoebe.

Oh, Phoebe. Such the little, nosey cat. Living her footprints on our world every day. I love that little weirdo. She has lived with us over a year now, yet she still looks at me like at any moment I might decide to eat her. She is odd. But, I have to tell you, we have fallen in love with odd.

Every step for Phoebe is a big step. If she jumps on the couch, while your on the couch, you want to cry with joy. If she let's you pet her(which is very, very rare), you do cry. Everything step she takes in our direction, is a big step.

You can learn so much from a fur kid. And often times I think, and I know that it's far stretch, that this is what parents talk about. This is the stuff that makes parenthood.

And while the world might walk into my house and say, what a weird cat, I wouldn't take offense. Instead I would smile really big and say, she's just like her mother.

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