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Monday, March 21, 2011

Not Just Light.

When we first bought our house, 4 years ago, one of my first purchases was a chandelier from Neiman Marcus. Truth be told, there were many, many other things the house could have used before the chandelier. But, my priority list is sometimes skewed, so the chandelier scored at the top of my list.

A 900 sq foot house, that was pretty much, well, there were no cosmetics to talk about, with a grand chandelier at the entrance. I'm sure to some, it seemed silly. But for me, it was just what we needed. Me and the house. It was my way of saying, you and I are going places, house. You, my friend, are grand. And, just because they don't see your sparkle, doesn't mean you don't shine(haven't we all been there?).

Fast foward to March 2011. We've added a bedroom. We coated the house with beautiful siding. Gave it a new top hat(roof). Added 9ft x 6ft to the kitchen(and gutted and redid the whole darn thing). Painted all the rooms. Refloored most of the house. And the cosmetics, well, they are back and they are beautiful. And I am really proud of us..and our home.

And our chandelier.

For me, the chandelier is so much more than just a light. It's believing that sometimes it's ok to put the glitter on the paper, before the glue. And not listening when the world tells you that that's not the way it's supposed to be done. It's about sometimes having more faith in yourself, then you do in the words of others. And knowing in your heart, that it's going to be ok.

It's not as much about the light for me, as it is about the faith. Yes, the light is beautiful, but it's only because I had the faith in putting down the glitter, before the glue. It's the faith that makes it shine.

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