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Monday, March 14, 2011

Perfectly Unfinished

A few weeks ago, while browsing on Etsy, I came across a piece of flowered embroidery. Something about it caught my eye and drew me in.

I think it was contrast between the simple, beige background with the big bright flowers. Or maybe it was because it looked worn. Whatever it was, it drew me in to read the description. And as I read, I realized the piece was unfinished.

It started me thinking about the person who started this unfinished piece. How come they never finished it?

It was meant to be a pillow cover, but it didn't make there. Why?

What was this person planning on doing with the pillow?

What was she/he snacking on when they made it? Was the snack the reason for the small stain(I would so do something like that).

And, how did it get here? To this Etsy shop?

And then I started thinking about how this little piece had traveled so far, unfinished, and not yet fufilling it purpose in life. And started I started to wonder, if maybe I too, am following that same path.

I mean, aren't we all in a sense, unfinished?

Well, you know what happens next. I bought the piece. I mean, I had to. I felt a connection to this tattered piece of linen.

I don't sew, so I knew while I couldn't help the piece fufill it's purpose, I could take it down a different path. So, I framed it(in a thrift store find frame, that I painted and distressed a while ago). And, I must admit, I think they work beautifully together.

So, maybe the piece didn't wind up on the top of a pillow. But, maybe that wasn't what is was really fated to be. Maybe it was meant to hang on a wall. Or maybe it will turn into the pillow, somewhere down the road.

Or maybe, it had fufilled it's purpose, and was happy, to just be here? I'm really not sure.

But, I do know that the journey continues. And right now, I get to be part of story.

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violentlyinlove said...

hey there. i just stumbled upon your blog and i love your repurposing of the linen. it's a frame within a frame. i don't think the original creator could have dreamed bigger dreams for the piece.