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Friday, April 15, 2011

My Road

You can figure it all out.
Plan it all out ahead of time.
Measure twice, cut once.
Get it to just the right temperature.
Balance your books.
Wear your coat.
Remember your umbrella.
Take your vitamins.
Eat your broccoli.

That doesn't mean things will work out, perfectly.
Or that you won't catch a cold.
Or that the rain won't get you wet.
Or that you will get to the bank, before they cash the check.

Some things just don't work out, the way you think they will. Even when you try to do everything, "right".

I'm not so sure.
Maybe it's not meant to be.
Or maybe it was meant to be, but somewhere along the line, you changed the path. And changed the plan.
Or maybe, you thought it was what you were made to live for, but instead you found something, you can't live without.

Some things don't work out. I see that clearer now, than I ever have. But, I'm also more OK with that, than I've ever been.

I changed my path. And I'm comfortable here. Striving, but comfortable.

I think I'm afraid to take big chances, because I'm afraid of missing out on life.

Or maybe I'm afraid, I'll take all the proper steps to get there, but when I arrive, I'll forget the reason the destination was so important.

Or maybe I'm afraid that the journey to get there, will steal all my wind, and I will not be able to truly enjoy the sun.

Maybe I'm getting older.
Maybe I've seen too many lives, not lived.
Or, maybe it's because, I'm finally at Peace, and I like it.
Or, maybe there were too many times, that there was no peace, and I disliked it.

I don't know.

But, I'm ok.
I'm ok.

I didn't settle.
Or change my mind.
I'm just following the road that feels right.

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