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Monday, April 18, 2011


I didn't get to painting the kitchen molding yet, so I have yet to "curtain" the window. In the meantime, my busy little head, got to thinking about doing some above window decorating.

And here is what I did.

I went here...

And then I purchased letters made from vintage ceilings tiles.

Then, I used a piece of orginal wood from the house(clapboard, that Tom had found in a pile of rubbish that the construction crew had left).

I brought out the hammer and the nails and went to work.

And then, we had PEACE.

Well, we already have Peace. That's the best part of our home. Peace is extremly important to both of us, and at the core of our relationship. So, hanging the word over our kitchen window, seems perfectly fitting.

My idea of Peace, is sometimes different from Tom's, but that works out well. Because, together, the two "Peaces" fit perfectly.

I'm the fighter. I'm the one who strongly believes Peace isn't shutting up. Peace is expressing yourself. Saying what you feel, when it really matters. And, not backing down. Peace for me, is being true to myself.

Tom, believes non-action is the action. For him, "fighting", isn't good for you. He knows right and wrong and he would rather walk away from wrong, then argue his point. Peace for him, is being true to himself.

So, we work together at Peace. He helps set my fighter side at ease, and I sometimes encourage him to fight.

Together, we find a Peace within ourselves, that carries through our home, and through our life.

Peace isn't about backing down. Or shutting up. Or accepting crap. Or pretending to be happy. To be at Peace, you have to speak your mind, figure it out, or walk away from whatever is stealing your Peace. Peace is actually something you fight for, every day.

Peace is personal. It's about you. But, whatever Peace is to you, there is a common thread in all of us.

Peace is necessary for a healthy you.

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