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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Peace, Uncle Ralph

My Uncle Ralph passed away this week.
Breaks my heart.
Only 69.
My father's best friend.
What do you say to your father when he calls to tell you his brother died?
You cry.
You tell him it's ok to cry too.
You tell him to accept the fact that brothers fight sometimes, and yes it's true your relationship wasn't perfect, but that's love for you. It's not perfect.
You try and remember details of him, but it's been so long since you've seen him, that it's difficult to remember anything but the stories from when you were a little girl.
And you feel sad, because you think about the time you didn't spend with him.
And you feel bad, because you could have tried to make things different.
But, that's love. It's not perfect.
I can't change make more memories, but I can treasure the ones that I have.
Thank you, Uncle Ralph for so many fun memories.

Peace, Uncle Ralph.
Love and light,
Jenn xo

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