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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So 40 came.

I interrupted my Mom and Tom's plan of having a suprise party for me, because I'm a snooper.  And a big a mouth too.  But, they convinced me that I had to have "something".  So, we compromised on a small gathering of my closet loves.

We had munchies and desserts.  Anyone who knows me knows, I love dessert.  We had gnome cupcakes, a marizipan cake(love Copenhagen Bakery!), homemade banana nut fudge ice cream, etc....  It was lovely.

And, to my suprise, because of course they had to suprise me somehow, they gave me an Ipad.  It was my brother's idea of the perfect gift for me.  And it was awesome.

So, 40, here are you.  I have a feeling we will get along just fine.  Just please keep the wrinkles to a few, and the sagging to a minimum.  Please...;)

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