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Monday, September 30, 2013


In the midst of a conversation.
That plays on in my head.
Do I do what is expected of me?
Or what is right for me?
Am I running away?
Or walking the path to my truth?
I have had this conversation so many times,
And my response is always the same.
And change doesn’t come.
So, is that my answer right there?
Respond the way they expect of me,
And suffer the same pain.
Or do what is right for me,
And at least take the chance on change?
Can I do it?
Am I strong enough?
Is it worth the risk?
But, then again,
What do I really  stand to lose,
If what I am holding on to is so fragile,
That it cannot withstand a new conversation?
If it cannot withstand,
The true me.

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