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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Touch of Vegan

Ok. So I've fallen. I slipped. I fell. Actually....I ate salmon. Not because I wanted to but because I needed to.

I really wanted to go totally vegan but my hair started falling out because of lack of iron. I can't swallow pills so I was grinding up vitamins, thanks Tom, and adding them to water. That in itself was making me sick. I ordered chewable iron supplements so hopefully my hair will stay.
But still no meat. Don't miss it, don't care about it. I'm all about loving the animals.

Right now Tom is painting our back/porch/room. We are doing a pale yellow ceiling, blue floor and white walls. Sounds weird but it's actually really cool. Very Anthropologie.

I've been buying beads and making jewelry like a silly fool. I'm addicted. I can't help it.....Is there beaders anonymous?? If so, I need a sponser...and quick.
I sold somethings today on Etsy.

We went "thrifting" last weekend. I bought a blanket. My mom will be grossed out but I did wash it. Sorry Mom. I couldn't help it. It was so pretty, handmade. Who used it last? I don't know. But I like things that have a story. It's Charlie's story now. He is all curled up on it.
The house is looking better everyday. We painted (ok, mostly Tom) it blue. We bought some new flowers. A flat screen for the bedroom. I am so grateful for my new life and new home. I couldn't have dreamed it any better.
We live in our own little world. The one we created through life experience and today. And I'm loving every second of it.

Have hope...Jenn

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