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Monday, August 18, 2008

Go Vintage!

Taaaa daaaa!



So I found the best vintage mirror. Ever.

Window shopping on Etsy, as usual, I came across the most fantastic, golden, shabby mirror. Now, because our house is tiny, everything that goes on our walls has to be thought out. We don't just put stuff up. We talk about it. Think about. It's cottage living here.

Tom isn't into fufu girly stuff or anything flashy vintage. He has modern taste. Clean lines, simple...that's Tom. Well, Jenn...oh, well, Jenn. The gaudier the better. The more ornate, the more I want it. Yet, somehow we meet in the middle, and it works.

Well, we both agreed the mirror was a must. And our purchase from Karen at, was a fabulous find.

When waited anxiously for the big mirror debut. And there it was, even better than we had hoped. We knew it needed a cleaning and painting, as Karen Beth had told me. And to be honest, I loved it more for that reason. I wanted to make it us.

This beauty had been in Karen's Mom's basement for many years. She was the original owner and painted it in the sweetest blues, whites, golds and greens. It is plastic, and though I had never painted plastic before... I was up for a challenge.

It just so happened, I took off the day I re-did it. It was a really hot day, and I was feeling not so motivated, but so wanted to see this done. So, I grabbed some gold paint, some steel wool, sand paper, and rubbing alcohol and the project began.

I tried steel wool. Then I tried rubbing alcohol. Then sand paper. And then, I said, you know what? Rather than work against what paint is on here still, let's work with it. And so I did. I painted the mirror gold but left Karen's Mom's touch of baby blue on it. And I think it works!

I am so happy with the way it came out. We are so happy with the way it came out.

Funny thing is, the day I did it, had started out as a blah day. But after spending some time with the mirror and thinking about how lucky I am to have the drive to make things pretty. To not just buy something new. To create a unique home, without spending a crazy amount of money....made me happy. Oh, and did you see my grumpy faced kitty checking out what I was doing? He makes me happy too.

And it doesn't end there folks. I've met a new friend. Over the course of discussing the mirror, Karen Beth and I have become friends. We chat about books, cameras, this and that and have great convos. I so look foward to hearing from her. I actually had two fabulous finds that day!

Check her Your sure to find something wonderful in her store. And I guarantee you will find a fabulous gal to shop with.


Anonymous said...

The mirror looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO good and I'm SOOOOOOOOOO glad that you like it as much as you do! I have so many memories of that mirror... it was in my Mom's sitting room for the entirety of my childhood. You really did it justice!

And... the friendship we've developed was the absolute best part of that transaction! I'm so lucky to know such a kind, creative and wonderful person!


Karen Beth :)

Julio said...

These are amazing pictures.