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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

sometimes i just want to complain

some days i just want to complain. today is one of them.

i'm mad that my mom has two work two jobs. she is the happiest lady i know. smiles, adores her kids. never complains. likes to laugh. after working for a job for almost 20 years, they close down. and now she works two jobs. not to mention that happened right after she got divorced. she was married to my father for 30 years.

im mad tom's mom died. she never got to see our house. she never got to see her son go to school. actually, im pissed about this. bad enough his dad isn't in his life, but to have his mom taken away right went life got pretty. that's just not right.

im mad because sometimes i feel like people think it's ok just to say what they feel around me. about me. i like people to feel comfortable around me. but i wish that when it came to sensitive issues, they would use a filter.

im mad that relationships are so disposable. that friend's are sometimes not friend's. and sometimes people pretend to love you, even though they don't.

im mad because people still think its ok to talk on their cell phone and drive. i worry for everyone else on the road.

im mad because people leave animals on the side of the road.

im mad because there are people who think that their shit doesn't stink, but it does. and i know it does, but i would never tell them that. but i should.

im mad because my dog is getting older and i never want him to leave me. why can't dogs live 70 years? what is this 7 year for every year garbage? he is my baby and i want him to live forever.

im mad because people call my cat fat. it's his breed. so he is big boned. i hate the word fat. it's cruel, never flattering and insulting. can't we just remove that word from our vocabulary?

ok, well, thanks...i needed that.

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