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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's About Time, but...

Well, it's about time. But, I just don't think the fine is stiff enough.

I see it everyday and it sickens me. People typing and driving. How selfish. How cruel. That one second that you spend typing could cost you or some innocent other their life.

You know exactly what your doing. You know its wrong. Think twice.

I say try these criminals as if it was a DWI. I don't see the difference. It's irresponsible, and voluntary. And I say post their picture for the world to see, just like Newsday does with DWI arrests.

$150 is a warning, not a penalty. And what happens when a warning doesn't work?

Here is the article...

Txt + driving = $150 DWT fine in Suffolk

8:26 PM EDT, September 16, 2008
U text and drive, U pay $150.

Starting Sunday, Suffolk drivers nabbed for driving while texting will face a fine under a new county law that is the first of its kind in New York State.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy and sponsor Legis. Jay Schneiderman (I-Montauk) held a news conference in Hauppauge on Tuesday to alert the public to the new law and cautioned the public that police will begin ticketing violators immediately. County officials also said they have asked the state Department of Transportation to post notice of the new law on its electronic message sign system on local state highways.

"Our message is that it's all right to text while in your armchair, but not when you're behind the wheel because it may cost you your life," said Levy.

The county joins four other states with such a law: Alaska, Washington, Minnesota and New Jersey. County officials said they hope that the new law will encourage New York lawmakers to approve a statewide measure. Westchester and Nassau recently approved similar laws, but those measures have not taken effect. New York City is considering a similar ban.

Officials had no accident statistics for Suffolk on texting while driving. But Levy said that a national study by the Virginia Technical Transportation Institute showed that eight of 10 accidents and 65 percent of near-accidents occurred because of distractions within 3 seconds of an accident.

Schneiderman said that text messaging may have been the reason for a recent upstate SUV accident where three teens were killed. He said it may also be linked to the California railroad accident that killed 25 people.

"We're trying to send a powerful message that it is just too dangerous to text," said Schneiderman. "It takes your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel."

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airing out said...

As someone who rides her bike through the city every day to work, I fear text msgs more than anything else. It is so much worse than just talking. So many times I see distracted drivers texting while they nearly run me over.